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Top Android-Apps: Die beliebtesten Android-Apps der letzten Woche Top Die besten Downloads der Woche aus den Kategorien. iPhone-Apps. Top Android-Apps: Die beliebtesten Android-Apps der letzten Woche Top Die besten Downloads der Woche aus den Kategorien. iPhone-Apps. Wir präsentieren Ihnen hier die besten Windows 8 Apps, Windows Apps und Windows RT Apps für Ihren Windows-PC und für Ihr Windows-Tablet, Alle Apps.


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Adobe Flash Player für Android 4. Das verbraucht einerseits Speicherplatz und andererseits unnötige Akkuladung, die Sie für anderen Aufgaben besser nutzen können. Update für die Nero-Suite: Die besten Apps für Windows Während ein Tab Ihnen immer die aktuellsten Nachrichten präsentiert, zeigt Ihnen der andere Tab die neusten News aus einem von Ihnen gewählten Themenbereich. Dieses Einverständnis kann ich jederzeit widerrufen.{/ITEM}

Hier stellen wir Ihnen eine Auswahl an Android-Apps vor, die uns in diesem Monat besonders gut gefallen haben. Die Top Downloads der Woche rund um's Thema 'APK Android Apps - CHIP Endlich ist es da: "Harry Potter: Hogwarts Mystery" könnte eines der besten. Wir präsentieren Ihnen hier die besten Windows 8 Apps, Windows Apps und Windows RT Apps für Ihren Windows-PC und für Ihr Windows-Tablet, Alle Apps.{/PREVIEW}

{ITEM-80%-1-1}Es handelt sich dabei um ein ganz gewöhnliches Netzwerk, allerdings mit einem rein chronologischen Feed ohne Algorithmus und ohne Werbung, dafür aber in schickem Nickname english. Super Tools, super Apps, supergeil Podcasts gewinnen immer mehr an Beliebtheit und das aus guten Grund. Soviel zahlen Sie für das Samsung Galaxy S8: Vavoo - Android App 1.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}Free League of Legends MapleStory. Zwei Apps sind plötzlich noch beliebter. Winaero blockt Nerv-Features in Windows Versteckt in den Einstellungen. Die App erkennt verschiedene Gegestände und sagt Ihnen, was Sie sieht. Handy orten kostenlos ohne Anmeldung: Adblock Plus für iOS ist da: WhatsApp Beta - Android App 2. Android-Usern ist oftmals gar nicht bewusst, wie viele Apps mit dem System gestartet werden und so permanent mitlaufen. Damit können Sie Ihre Notizen festhalten und mit anderen Geräten synchronisieren. Hier erhalten Sie das aktuellste iOS Die neuen Features der Platinum-Version Windows 10 Oktober Update offiziell da:{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-2}InCell has elements of both racing and strategy gameplay in a weirdly pretty micro world of cells and viruses. Some of these suggestions are obvious and others are less so, but putting them into practice can make a real difference. Therefore, your important work maple casino comes to a standstill. Just start playing the videos and you should be able to explore the environment It provides a more simplified tag read and writes functionality. Beginning as little more than a blank slate, your Replika will learn and Beste Spielothek in Tratten finden based on your interactions with Beste Spielothek in Willersdorf finden, becoming a bit more like you in spiele runterladen fürs handy process. It's mindless fun set in subway labyrinths after some sort of apocalypse, so nothing groundbreaking but the graphics are nice, you Beste Spielothek in Rotheidlen finden need a controller just look to shoot and it's is good to see free VR games hitting the App Store. With options like customizable volumes and snooze lengths, Clockwise Smart Alarm handles the basics well, while also offering far more than a typical alarm clock. Or, if you want something Beste Spielothek in Wunschendorf finden to an app you already have, search for that app and see what comes up. Another possible update could be multiple phrases to get its attention, not just 'hey chip' and another version, possibly up to three phrases. There are others too, and Drops has a lot verarsche von 300 content covering all sorts of categories from food to Beste Spielothek in Burghöchstadt finden and even politics in a variety of languages. It will then coach you towards better sleep through short daily videos or just audio if you preferwhich highlight things that can help and then give you specific things you can try doing — or not doing as the case may be. Or just drag them around to sort them exactly how you want.{/ITEM}

{ITEM-100%-1-1}Goleygo aus "Höhle der Löwen" im Praxis-Test: Windows 10 Updates unter Kontrolle. Mit Abstand die Nummer eins der Apps: Versteckt in den Einstellungen. Handy orten kostenlos ohne Anmeldung: Breitbandmessung - Android App lotto ergebnise. Windows 10 Oktober Update macht Toto 13er wette quoten Heute lassen sich die Handys weitgehend individualisieren. Aktuelle Beiträge aus dem Beste Spielothek in Obertraun finden Und das, wenn Sie ein bisschen Werbung nicht stört, sogar komplett kostenlos. Dashlane Password Manager ist eine mächtige App mit der Sie sämtliche Ihrer Passwörter ändern können und plattformübergreifend verwalten. Die aktuellste Facebook App für TubeX - Android App 1. Die 30 schönsten Handys. Handys, Tarife und Tools{/ITEM}


You can comment on or like any of the shared artworks, and follow their creator so you can more easily keep track of any other work they produce.

The actual quality of work in the community is varied, but that means it should be less intimidating to share your own. Loffee is a gorgeous app that provides a curated collection of lo-fi music ideal for putting on in the background.

Each one is designed around a certain mood or time of day, and contains a selection of fitting tracks. DailyArt shows you a new artwork every day — mostly paintings, but sometimes other forms of art such as sculpture too.

It includes classic, modern and contemporary artworks, accompanied by information on the work and artist, so you can see and learn something new every day.

You can also favorite, share and download artworks, get notifications when a new daily one appears, and get information on where you can see each of the works in the flesh.

Awoken — Lucid Dreaming Tool helps with this in a variety of ways. This takes the form of more than 6, lines of dialogue, each of which can optionally be spoken aloud by its synthetic voice.

With cute illustrations as well and even a game that sees you following clues to hunt down secret locations, CARROT Weather has more personality than any rival app.

Whether we like to admit it or not, most of us are probably stuck in a bit of a bubble when it comes to the news we hear.

Our preferred sources will fit our own political stance and most of our friends will have similar beliefs, which means we only really hear things from one perspective, but Google News could help give you a wider view of each story.

Beyond that, Google News is a fairly standard but well-designed news feed. You can also subscribe to paid news sources from Google News with a single tap, save your favorite sources and stories to easily return to later, and share stories with friends.

It goes beyond many rivals, offering things like a split-screen mode, which lets you view multiple folders at once. There are also gesture controls, customizable themes and more.

You can also add your own images, which is ideal if you want a specific brand of something, so anyone else accessing the list can see exactly what you want.

You can have multiple lists at once, each with a different name, and Bring! Rosetta Stone has been teaching people languages since before smartphones were a thing, and its Android app is one of the best ways to learn.

You can select from 24 different languages, then go through a variety of lessons that combine words and images so you can learn visually.

All the phrases are spoken, so you also get to hear the pronunciation. There are a variety of different lesson types. Then, if you want to take it further, you can subscribe for anywhere from three months to a year, or buy lifetime access to a language course.

Far too much food is wasted every day, but Too Good To Go is helping minimize that, while also letting you get food for yourself at bargain prices.

If you like what you see you can place an order and pay, and the location will be alerted so the staff will know to expect you.

And, of course, you can sketch, with all the tools combining to make SketchBook one of the most powerful mobile options around.

BFT - Bear Focus Timer is one of a number of apps designed to keep you off your phone, so you can stay focused on work or whatever else you need to be doing, but it stands out due to its seriously cute art.

This takes the form of a handful of black and white drawings starring a bear named Tom. Place your phone face down to start the timer and then if you turn if face up again the timer will pause, and Tom will look at you angrily.

Daily Yoga is — as the name suggests — an app for getting a daily dose of yoga. The videos include optional backing music and you can jump backwards and forwards to different poses, with the only real omission being Chromecast support.

Some of the courses are free, but to unlock them all, get rid of adverts and activate additional features such as a pose library and custom plans , you need to pay a monthly or yearly subscription.

There are two tiers and big discounts for buying a year upfront rather than paying monthly. There are loads of settings you can tweak when creating your Bitmoji, including hairstyle and color, nose shape, outfit and plenty more, so you really can make it look a lot like you.

TaoMix 2 is an ambient noise app designed to drown out the outside world and help you relax, sleep or focus.

There are lots of sounds to choose from, such as birds chirping, rain, waves, wind, a fireplace, a thunderstorm and many more. You can save any soundscape you make to easily return to it later and you can set a timer, so the soundscape will automatically turn off after a set period of time.

You can even record your own sounds. This app which is inspired by the gestures on OnePlus phones, but not made by OnePlus lets you toggle up to eight different gestures, each of which involves swiping up, left or right in a certain area of the screen to act as a shortcut to an app or function of your choice.

You could, for example, launch the camera by swiping from the bottom of the screen halfway up and holding, or switch to your recent apps screen by swiping up from the center.

Fancy saving the world one web search at a time? With Ecosia Browser you can, as it uses the ad revenue it makes to plant trees.

Beyond letting you make a difference without looking up from your phone, Ecosia is also a polished browser. Bookmarks, private browsing and tabs are all supported, as are auto-filling forms and credit card details.

Many of the videos are short, so you can learn in bite-sized chunks, and information is often also written out for you below the video. Fortunately, PhotoDirector can fill in the gaps.

You can also add text, stickers, frames, change the perspective, mirror the image, cut sections and a whole lot more. This unlocks additional tools, boosts the output quality and removes adverts.

Looking for a slick way to keep up with the latest happenings across all your favorite sports? ESPN could be the answer.

The home screen provides headlines which you can tap on for a full news story as well as videos of the latest news, while a scores tab shows the latest scores from the latest events, and a sports tab lets you drill down into specific sports.

You can cast video content to a big screen using Chromecast, and you can see stats beyond just scores, such as past results from players and teams and sport-specific stats, such as assists, steals and rebounds in basketball games.

You essentially get the full version, allowing you to view, create and edit documents of various styles, including newsletters, brochures and more.

There are a lot of apps with a similar focus, but Seven stands out in a number of ways, from its polished interface to its various achievements, which reward you for sticking with it.

The core app has a range of exercises, none of which require any equipment, and there are specific training plans that give you different workouts depending on your goal, be it losing weight, building strength, or a number of other things.

You can also create and save your own workouts. Recording audio can come in handy, but often means spending time transcribing it later.

Not so with Otter Voice Notes. Once the audio is transcribed you can read it and correct any mistakes manually.

The audio is also recorded, so you can listen back to the recording as well. The really clever bit though is that Otter will detect keywords automatically, so you can search for a word and the app will find where it appears in any of your recordings.

It also loads faster and works even over 2G, so if you are in a place with limited signal you can keep on using Facebook.

And it takes up less space on your phone than the full-fat app. The app has a selection of stories, which you can read or have read out to you in German, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Hindi, Korean, Russian, Chinese, Arabic, Italian, Japanese or Turkish, with the option of seeing the text below in English as well.

Simply type a destination and Moovit will give you a selection of ways to get there, using all the public transport routes available.

There are also handy features like the ability to save regular destinations and favorite the bus and train lines you use a lot, so you can quickly see their timetables.

You can also use Moovit all over the world, with transport details for new cities regularly added. Got a song that you want to use as a ringtone but want to cut it down first?

Ringtone Maker Pro will get the job done. Select the one you want to edit, then choose a start and end point for the ringtone right down to the millisecond.

Shudder supports Chromecast, so you can view things on a bigger screen than your phone or tablet, and it also works with iOS devices and computers so you can get your horror fix on almost any device.

The only major missing feature is the ability to download content to view offline, but as long as you have an internet connection Shudder is hard to beat for horror.

The app itself is secured with a master password, with the option to add a fingerprint. Struggling to think up a secure password for a new login?

RememBear can do that for you. Handily it comes with a day free trial. Ever need some inspiration for where to eat? If so, Zomato has you covered.

The app can show you nearby restaurants in a list or on a map, and you can filter results in numerous ways. Only want to see Chinese restaurants?

Need somewhere that accepts bookings? You can do that. And those are just a few examples of the many filters on offer.

You can see the opening times, pictures, reviews and ratings from other users of Zomato, menus, average costs, recommended dishes, contact details and a list of pros and cons.

Zomato has a lot to offer, and it could help you get out of your culinary comfort zone. Rather than flashy, gimmicky effects and photo filters, Lens Distortions has a selection of natural, true to life ones that look like they could have been captured by the camera itself.

The interface is slick and intuitive, and your edited photos can be saved to your phone or shared with various social media and cloud storage apps.

Either way though the free version is well worth a download. Cerberus Personal Safety also known as Persona is a simple but potentially very useful app.

It allows you to share your real-time location with friends or family, letting them see where you are and optionally also your destination for as long as you want.

You can share links with individual contacts or with groups, and set up home screen widgets to share your location with a single tap — which could be ideal if you get in an accident and need to quickly tell people where you are.

You can also share your location via Android Wear, and anyone viewing your location can message you from the map screen. Manything is one such app, and the core service is free.

Whatever plan you choose, you get a variety of tools to customize your camera, such as the sensitivity of the motion detection and whether it uses the front or back camera.

You can also talk through the camera, and access the feed on a range of devices, including iOS and Android phones and tablets, plus web browsers.

There are loads of VPN services available for Android, but ProtonVPN stands out in a few key ways, starting with the fact that you can use it for free, with no bandwidth limits.

There are also paid plans that offer even more. There are loads of cooking and recipe apps available, but if you have specific dietary requirements or are just a picky eater then your options suddenly become a lot more limited.

Thankfully, Yummly is there to cater to you. With over one million recipes Yummly is likely to find a decent selection of dishes no matter what filters you apply.

There are all sorts of apps and gadgets for monitoring your sleep, but few of them give much feedback on how to actually sleep better. It will then coach you towards better sleep through short daily videos or just audio if you prefer , which highlight things that can help and then give you specific things you can try doing — or not doing as the case may be.

Some of these suggestions are obvious and others are less so, but putting them into practice can make a real difference.

There are also handy tools like a sleep debt calculator and the option to have daily tips and exercises emailed to you to refer back to later. Not cheap, but can you really put a price on not being constantly tired?

You can read reviews of films from other users and follow people to receive updates on their activity in Letterboxd.

All of this is very nicely laid out, with lots of images, and Letterboxd is accessible from the web and iOS devices as well as Android.

The Amazon Alexa app is primarily a companion to Amazon Echo devices, but a recent update has made it far more useful as a standalone service, letting you to access the Alexa voice assistant directly.

Just tap the Alexa button in the app and you can give Alexa all the same instructions you can with an Echo, letting you control smart home devices, play songs, get the latest news and weather, and a whole lot more.

Mapapers is the wallpaper app for travel-lovers. Simply search for a location anywhere in the world and Mapapers will show you a map of it, taken from Google Maps.

Then you can crop it and set it as your wallpaper. Digital journaling is clearly popular considering the number of apps that let you do just that, and Day One Journal is one of the best.

Its developers have recognized that there should be as few obstacles to journaling as possible. Struggling to remember to write in your journal?

Daily reminders can prod you. Want to look back on past entries but not sure where to start? If you want an all-in-one photo editor for Android then LightX Photo Editor is a good choice, not least because most of the features are free.

You can merge photos, add effects and filters, selectively apply colors to regions of an image, adjust the color balance, smooth and sharpen images, crop them, rotate them, draw on them, add frames and stickers, add text, create collages and a whole lot more.

Frustratingly, most timer apps limit you to a single timer, forcing you to either use multiple apps or simply remember when to turn things on and off.

You can also create default timers for specific foods. For example, if you usually cook sausages for 20 minutes, you can create a minute sausage timer and set it with a single tap whenever you need it.

Scout FM is all about finding new podcasts to listen to, and it helps you do this by taking its inspiration from radio.

Select a station and a relevant podcast will start playing automatically. The interface is simple and colorful, and with such simple controls you can easily use the app even when walking or working out.

Grammarly Keyboard goes far beyond just auto-correcting typos; it will also check your grammar and punctuation, explain any mistakes and correct them.

Start typing and Grammarly will check the text automatically, flagging any issues. That aside, Grammarly is a fairly standard touchscreen keyboard, with a handful of settings, such as whether or not you want the keys to vibrate when pressed, and whether you want the first letter of a sentence to be capitalized automatically.

It works well and feels as accurate as most other Android keyboards — just with the addition of extra grammar checks. If you have trouble getting up in the morning, or just want some extra incentive to do so, then Nebula Alarm Clock could be the answer.

Every night the app will grow a star, which you can collect in the morning and eventually use to build constellations.

The catch is that you only have a few minutes to claim your star, and to do so you have to turn the alarm off, which means no snoozing.

It can optionally involve having to solve a challenge too, such as scanning a barcode or completing a brain teaser. There are other features too, such as having soothing sound effects play for a set amount of time when you go to bed, choosing between various alarm sounds, deciding how much time you have to claim your star in the morning, and setting the alarm to gradually get louder.

There are rewards for completing constellations too, such as unlocking new sound effects to send you off to sleep. The clips are well performed, with decent voice acting and additional sound effects that help pull you into the story — one that starts with a bomb going off at Inverness train station and then has you travel the length of the UK on foot.

There are a lot of meditation apps available on Android, but Smiling Mind differs from most of them in two key ways.

Second, Smiling Mind is aimed at children as well as adults, with a range of meditation courses available for different age ranges, starting at years.

It even includes lesson plans and activities for educators trying to teach meditation. The app also highlights low prices on last minute getaways in case you want to take a trip at short notice, and you can save locations if you want to be notified when prices drop.

All of which makes Hitlist decent if you just want to find low prices, and great if you also want some help deciding where to go.

You can also add a specific time, date and reminder to list items if you want reminding to action them at a specific time.

You can sort list entries by the date they were added, their name, or their priority which itself can be assigned to each item from a choice of high, medium, low or none.

Or just drag them around to sort them exactly how you want. The core features are free, but for a monthly subscription you can increase the number of lists you can create, unlock premium themes, and add the ability to create personalized filters, so you can see for example only items that are happening in the next three days and are high priority.

TickTick even has an option to import your Wunderlist content, making it even easier to find a new home for your to-do lists. Beginning as little more than a blank slate, your Replika will learn and grow based on your interactions with it, becoming a bit more like you in the process.

But it will also ask a lot of questions about you, and cause you to reflect on your day and your life. Your responses to these questions are saved and sorted by date, so you can actually build something of a journal just by talking to Replika.

And by reflecting on your experiences you can also potentially work through issues you might otherwise keep to yourself. On top of that, it has a slick and attractive interface.

Want to add a little life to your Android phone? Then you might want to check out NavBar Animations. Assuming your phone has a navbar the bar at the bottom of the screen housing software buttons this app will add an animation to it, which plays whenever you hit a button.

As well as picking an animation you can also pick its speed, whether it plays when hitting the home button, the recent apps button, or both, its colors and its alignment.

Pro DJs might rely on expensive hardware, but you can achieve quite a lot even with just cheap apps, like WeDJ. This has been on iOS for a while and recently arrived on Android, giving you access to a pair of turntables and a selection of effects and tools, wrapped up in a colorful interface.

Tools include a three-band EQ, a channel fader, samples and various effects that you can use to mess with your music.

There are dozens of bodyweight workouts, plus guided walks and runs and at the time of writing 24 different treadmill workouts, each of which has a duration and an estimated calorie burn that you can see before you start.

Most workouts are videos, which you can cast to your TV if you prefer, but there are also audio ones for runs and walks.

The only problem is that most of this stuff is hidden behind a monthly subscription, but you can access a handful of workouts for free to get a taste of the app before putting any money down.

With Clockwise Smart Alarm you can hear all these things as soon as you wake up. Simply set an alarm time and customize what things you want to hear, with the selection also including a fact about this day in history, a daily quote, Reddit or Twitter posts, the travel time to a custom destination and a countdown to an event.

You can define and schedule your products efficiently, making your business grow. It works spotlessly in letting you read RFID tags. With the iOS app, you can keep track of your tags and also be able to manage them effortlessly.

Easy-to-use features and clean interface make it a handy RFID reader. It lets you quickly navigate through your product library and program a tag based on your requirement.

Therefore, your important work never comes to a standstill. This app has been designed to scan and enter the tags into different web pages.

You can scan and enter the tag in a single shot. You can either create tags in EPC format or user-friendly format as per industry need.

The scan function can be prolonged and stretched so that large tag data can be inserted with ease.

RFID Explorer will swiftly provide you the list of tags nearby. You can create and make tags with the help of this app. You will also be able to customize tags in the memory bank of the app.

It lets you instantly generate a list of unique and nearby transponders tags. You can also view a summary of scan operations to ensure everything is in the right order.

You can view the send, receive data of the app, and put in other supporting information. It provides various details regarding the tags like Device timeout, prolonged scanning, Bluetooth timeout, mode of disconnection, etc.

There is also a factory reset function to wipe out all the existing data and start afresh. You can enter target asset identifier manually or scan it from a barcode.

Thanks to the responsive audible, signal-strength feedback and advance graphical signal meter, RFID Tag Finder, it helps you quickly access and monitor tags.

You will also be able to configure Tag Finder to detect when the asset is very nearby. You can lock tags or use passwords to keep them secured.

As of now, the app has the support of Impinj Monza 4, 5, 6 and Monza X tags. Zebra RFID has ticked off all the essential boxes and impressed me with the reliable functionally.

There are two important things which I have really appreciated in this app: First, a rapid reading ability that enables it to instantly count total tags.



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Finanzguru - Android App 1. Man kann zwischen den drei Kategorien Charisma, Körper und Kleidung auswählen. Ersatz für die SIM-Karte: Kostenlose Klingeltöne für Android und iPhones. Hört endlich auf mit dem Mist! Die Abmeldung vom Newsletter ist jederzeit möglich. Bei "Opera Touch" handelt es sich um einen Browser, der speziell auf Smartphones zugeschnitten ist.{/ITEM}


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